Final Thoughts- Climate change is happening faster than it was predicted. We continue to ignore it at our peril. Small efforts will not save us. We need bigger ideas to combat it. This essay is a public proposal to the government and business leadership about a New Economic Model that combats Climate Change while making money. It does this by looking to the sky for resources like water, electricity, carbon, and uncluttered pathways. Once a Driverless Infrastructure is built, these other features can be added to that structure bringing in more revenue. The above engineered solutions provide impact and sustainability for a long-term effort to fight Climate change and there is the byproduct of economic development.  Since it makes exceptional money long term, this effort should cause several new industries to grow across America from a series of projects built in each state, then connected.

Starting this year there is going to be a huge debate in this country about climate change. There is talk about Washington declaring Climate Change a National Emergency. Chime in. What do you think? Advise and/or sponsor a public discussion of this economic model. Also encouraged are adding better links, more recent information and opinions. If you would like to know more, please contact me by email to discuss your area of interest: I am seeking partners to start small and work together to grow this economic model. With a sponsor, this idea could lead to a Public Discussion and cause both State and Federal Government to become involved. A public conversation could grow into a Brain Trust linking ideas, people, projects and capital.

Here are some ways you can collaborate

1. Co-sponsor a Climate Tech Brain Trust for $1,000,000 for a year

2. Set up A Research Lab for air capture with 3 ventures for $1,000,000 each and starting with the Oasis machine, then a Carbon Capture machine and last is Soils Sequestration venture. Request more information

3. Set up an Incubator and explore a model building for three sizes starting with a 1/10 th scale indoors, ¼ mile full size test track and a one-mile sales model. Estimated at a $25 million for Joint Venture. Request more information

Thank You for reading to the end
 Lloyd Goff