A New Idea: America is a marketplace of ideas. Here is a way to combat Climate Change as an Engineered Solution. What is unusual about this approach is that it makes money: A 50,000-mile national, elevated, all-weather, all electric driverless transport system will operate better in future conditions than our existing roads for cars. A Driverless infrastructure could reduce gas pollution by taking 100 million cars off the roads and replacing them with shared electric vehicles up in the sky. This reduces the need for fossil fuels. Heating and transportation must be electrified to get rid of oil and natural gas that pollute the atmosphere. It introduces the equivalent of 200 mpg fuel economy on a national scale. Estimates are $1 Trillion at $20 million per mile to build along the 50,000 miles of our Interstate Hwy System and another $1 Trillion to build connecting circulators in 275 cities over 100,000 population. Is a new 50,000-mile, $1 trillion national driverless backbone funded by the private sector, really feasible? The new driverless transport industry is projected to grow into an estimated  $2 trillion  in size just for ground based mobility: mobile industry These elevated structures can be combined with ground driverless and also share their easements with other infrastructure such as: cargo, fiber media and energy.

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