Security: In this world of increasing threats from terrorism and now the Corona Virus, security is a must. In the bigger stations one or two staff will be planned. These can include other tasks such as information, emergency and crowd control. Entry onto the loading dock will have to consider how to scan for the Corona Virus and security will have to respond somehow. In order to use the system and to purchase a subscription or even a day pass, users will have to voluntarily be checked out for accurate Identification. Otherwise a large number of the population may not use it unless they have confidence in their fellow riders. The cell phone is the ideal candidate to store this info and to scan at the station. A recent certificate of health may also be necessary given the new virus environment. This is not just for riding, but everywhere people gather in restaurants, hotel, events shopping and even office building are going to have to deal with this. Inside each car videos will monitor the activity and remind riders that they are being centralized monitored.


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