First Steps: A Public Feasibility Discussion –And what is needed is public education about the opportunities. A Driverless America Climate Tech Brain Trust would bring public awareness to the opportunity. Think what a $1 million social media discussion could accomplish. Someone would have to run it, but that should not be hard to find. Once the public sees the number of benefits involved, political action is more possible.  In exchange for their 30% congress would have to provide tax-free incentives and approval for the funding concepts. A public feasibility conversation is necessary to attract government interest and attract many of the players with expertise. A Public conversation would be an inexpensive way to start. It would also narrow the opportunities into the most feasible methods and configurations. Technology is not the issue. All the technology described herein already exists, meaning the components are off shelf. They are just configured differently. Money is the issue. There is plenty of money around to build these engineered solutions. What is missing is the will to use it. See $4 Trillion example of taxing polluters.

Mobilization of a Brain Trust-Eventually all these human resources from the feasibility conversations will need to be organized into something that allows them to collaborate with each other, sources of capital, conferences, ideas and events. This should be a revenue generating enterprise that allows its services to grow with the number of opportunities.

Start $1 Billion Incubators - From the Driverless industry shown on page 9 to 13 entrepreneurs can form Partnerships in the States of their choosing to study Driverless Corridors and begin discussions with those Depts of Transportation to build incubators. Many opportunities are available to study.

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