Who would use it? Driverless America should be cheaper than car ownership which costs an average of $773 per month according to AAA. This includes insurance, maintenance, fuel, parking, washing, roadside assistance and depreciation. Car ownership is the second highest cost for Americans after home ownership. Those who are traveling such as the military and tourist would save money at $5 per day for unlimited ridership over car rentals. Approximately 10% of Americans don’t own a car such as the poor and elderly and this could allow them the mobility to find jobs, shops and restaurants.  Commuters would also find it cheaper than operating their cars. In large cites driverless buses will increase the ridership especially for the poor. A full national system could attract over 60 million monthly urban subscribers. The guideways will be capable of 20 passenger buses although some stations will have to be modified for docking and loading facilities for this size.


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