Portfolio of Development Ventures

Mission is to Accelerate Development of Climate Tech: $5 Mil Incubates $5 Bil Over 5 Years In 5 Steps

This is a five step illustration of how to incubate a Development Consortium capable of building a $5 Billion National Test Demonstration using six new infrastructures for Climate Tech. With a market potential in the Trillions, all Climate Tech will be huge over 25 years. Each link below goes to a separate Climate Tech Joint Venture.

1a. Research Lab Pitch Deck Slide Show

1b. $5 Million Business Plan For A Research Lab - This will focus on the feasibility of the technologies we need, air capture technologies. The Oasis Machine will be first because it will provide power in remote locations that can be used to pull water vapor out of the air. Next we will power carbon removal machines which is the second focus of the development. What to do with the CO2 is the focus of the third development efforts.

2. A Pitch Deck For A $25 Million Hydrogen Tech Park with Demos - This incubates a Technology Park that markets a Development Consortium for six different kinds of Climate Tech infrastructure. These will all be demonstrated and  displayed to prove their  feasibility including Skyways for travel and shipping, fiber optic media, smart grid, and air capture for water vaper plus Co2 removal. A 45 page business plan is available upon request.

3a. Pitch Deck For A Brain Trust

3b. A $5 Million Business Plan For A Brain Trust - Over two years a dashboard of services will be developed for subscription services

4. A $250 Million Development Consortium for Building Incubators - This is a group of 5 or six companies that within 3 years can negotiate a State Public Private Partnership that designs and builds a 15-mile metro route. This is a national incubator demonstration

5. A $5 Billion National Demonstration Projects (2) - This will be a Public Private Partnership with a State that uses the 10 to 15 miles incubator to fund a $5 Billion Statewide network next using Revenue Bonds. This plan is confidential, full of spreadsheets and will only be shown to companies in negotiations.

6. A $3 Trillion Economic Model for Climate Tech - A description of 6 Infrastructures built over 30 years to fight Climate Crisis, clean the air and make money.