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Our project management is a group of  businessmen experienced in transit and project management in a 50/50 co-venture with 3 transit design/engineering companies that make up the organization SmartSkyways, Inc. This team is responsible for collaboration, marketing and  the funding of the new transit technology described in this web site. This group will be responsible for the project progressing and producing the Sales Model phase.  Then it is onto marketing our license to sponsors of which we have many possibilities. 

The Design Team consists of Los Angeles based engineers that built Disney's existing transit technology. Today they operate world wide consultancy businesses for high tech rides in the most demanding configurations possible. Their common philosophy is that all components must be listed in trade catalogs and be available for competitive bidding. Their work has consistently resulted in the highest reliability and least down time of any transit technology anywhere.

The Managers and their Responsibilities: A team of  businessmen and rail design companies are collaborating in the organization, marketing and technology for the project. This group is responsible for getting the project into the Sales Model Phase and will receive consulting fees and an ownership interest share of the future sales and royalties. The comp0any business model is to package ventures for clients by visualizing, planning, designing, engineering, city approvals, Public Private Partnerships and funding..  Each management participant will have a capital account and be paid for work performed as funds are available.  

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Lloyd Goff (daily activity)
BUSINESS MANAGER - Goff is a packager of development projects for the past 45 years including two transit terminals and three transit systems that were never built. He currently makes his living handing the maze of paperwork necessary to transact real estate deals for investors. In the 80s he was the founder and Director of the Platte Valley Landowners Association for 15 years. More recently he purchased a one mile site called Airpark Village" to build a demo of Skyways, but lost it in the financial crisis. Goff will receive 25% of the ownership and monthly fees for his administration and computer publishing services. He will be responsible for marketing and organizing business ventures between the project and the third parties.  This will include contracting with the technology vendors, legal and accounting firms, consultants marketing partners. Bio





Kent Bingham (daily Activity)
Technology Development- Kent will contribute his expertise is deigning and engineering the vehicle chassis and it's interaction with the Guideway including, switching, merging, power and communications. He will receive 10% of the ownership units and his regular hourly consulting rate for preliminary design/ & engineering work on the  vehicles. Kent was the chief engineer for Disney's EPCOT and has since served the Los Angles and Los Vegas Entertainment industry with engineering services.

 Ron Powers (occasional activity)
Cabins and prototypes- Ron has built a niche busies of  pulling all the pieces of a project together as a prototype. His client list includes GM,  Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Amtrak, Ski do, recreational vehicles, and even our competitors. Ron will be responsible for the mock ups and  cabin part of the vehicles and receive 3% of the ownership. Ron already has a High Speed Rail vehicle that we can use as a mock up. See Portfolio

  Mike Barrett (Daily Activity)
Guideway development -
Mike Barrett is a principle at Martin and Martin engineers and has experience in the structural engineering for building railroads, highways, and high rise buildings. He will receive 5% of the ownership and his regular hourly consulting rate for preliminary design/ & engineering work on the  coordination and administration of all Guideway professional services including planning, design and engineering. resume                   resort experience
    Tim Sherrod  (occasional activity) 
    Information technology- Tim has been a consultant to many of the largest companies in America for networking their computer systems. He was the chief scientist for Semitech Consortium and been involved in 4 such consortiums. We will have Internet based Travel Services,  time tables,  reservations, shipping docs,  approvals, ect Resume
TELELIBRARY ACCESS and Resume Data Base (Soon)wpe15.jpg (4468 bytes) Over time this project will grow a database of expertise, funding, political engineers ect. who can be accessed through a coming service.  Select an individual file to review their role, background, activity How It Works (Soon)

Soon Click here for a step by step review on how to access all the project’s documents, presentations, database and mailboxes with modem access through any windows computer.


Future Planned Job Positions ( 6 mos)
  • Office/  manager
  • Government Participation
  • Community Support-
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Public Spokesman- 
  • Construction Managers
  • Vehicle Designers-
  • Financial Architect -
  • Contracts manager -
  • We Site Applications
  • Web site and Social networks Manager

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  • Subscription Agreement

Direct Venture Electronic reservations system @ $1000 p/m. Agreement specifics equipment software, connectivity along with terms and conditions.


 Joint Venture Milestones

Completed R&D Next Joint Venture Capital
Configured design Engineer System
Web site Build Test Track
 Built Team   Public Approvals
Business Plan Sell Consortium Membership










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